Alphabet Company

We believe in stories that matter. To us, to you, and to anyone who is always on the lookout for better things and experiences in life.

Alphabet Company is the Jakarta-based parent company of communications agency ASA as well as lifestyle retail and distribution company In Alphabetical Order.

Company Values At

Alphabet Company

Every decision we make and every action we employ at Alphabet Company is guided by our values.

Creative Storytelling

Today, storytelling can be done through limitless ways. Print or digital, photo or video, text or audio, online or offline. Whatever the format, it has to be creative.

Strategic Thinking

Every decision we make must be based on strategic thinking to ensure a well-structured project implementation, a well-planned target achievement, and a sound business consideration.


We believe design is one of the most critical components of a company today, and thus it should inform every aspect of our workflow, from brainstorming to project planning to execution.

Forward Looking

Every day, new innovation in the realm of technology surfaces. Therefore, we commit to always be adaptive to the changes happening around us, and be agile in adjusting to new ways of doing our work.


Alphabet Company

The team of Alphabet Company is comprised of creative and passionate minds in the roles of strategists, brand managers, editors, writers, art directors, designers, account managers, and marketers.

Our combined experiences in retail, media and publishing, marketing, fashion and lifestyle industry, public relations, and event management have created a solid team that works together in making innovative and creative ideas into reality.

The dynamic work environment inspires and challenges each of our talent to thrive alongside their colleagues and bring their best to the table.

Boedi Basoeki

Founder & Principal

Boedi Basoeki is the founder and principal of Alphabet Company. A seasoned media and communications professional well known for his influential involvements in the Indonesian lifestyle industry, Boedi founded the communications agency ASA in 2013 with a vision to continuously elevate the landscape of lifestyle businesses in Indonesia. In 2017, Boedi consolidated ASA and its sister company In Alphabetical Order, which is focused on lifestyle retail and distribution, under Alphabet Company. Prior to founding ASA and later Alphabet Company, he previously spent more than 12 years in various management and editorial roles at renowned magazines in Indonesia, including CLARA IndonesiaHarper’s Bazaar, Esquire, and Marie Claire.

Aisyah Iskandar

Co-Founder & General Manager

Aisyah Iskandar is the co-founder and general manager of Alphabet Company.

Perkasa Kusumah Putra

Business Development Manager

Having previously worked in different sides of the industry, including several years as a senior fashion editor, a fashion buyer afterwards and a creative consultant for a number of brands, Perkasa gained many insights and a wide understanding of the field from multiple different facets. A keen researcher of the retail scene, he is responsible for the setting up of Alphabet Company's upcoming retail store IAO Space, sourcing interesting brands from around the world to establish possible partnerships and further growing the company in terms of proportion and relevance.

Windi Amar

Art Designer & Visual Merchandiser

Windi kicked off her career in the media industry straight off graduation. Majoring in advertising, Windi honed her skills as a graphic designer at one of the country's leading media groups, designing layouts for a variety of lifestyle magazines, including projects for banking institutions as well as for renowned lifestyle brands. As the Art Designer and Visual Merchandiser of Alphabet Company, she is responsible for creative direction and quality assurance of all design and visual aspects in print, digital, and in-store merchandising.

Sabrina Febriyani

Creative and Design Manager

After graduating from Bina Nusantara University, majoring in Visual Communication Design, Sabrina directly worked at different design studios in Jakarta. Now as the creative and design manager at Alphabet Company, she is responsible for creative direction and ensuring what she has designed is produced accordingly. She values small things like daily chit-chat, jokes, music, movies, places, and people’s behavior.

Nindita Kirana

Content Strategist Manager

Having a design background and strolling around in lifestyle industry for various positions, Nindita gained many insights and strengthened her sense in art & design, lifestyle, as well as advertising. She joined Alphabet Company as a Content Strategist Manager where she responsible to plan the strategy behind company's marketing projects. She is a strong-willed art-geek who balance her life by diving in old music, deep-script movies, and astrology.