Weekday Escape with IZIGETAWAY


Where: Alila Seminyak, Bali

When: 16 – 18 April 2018

With a mission aimed to prove that beach fun is not only reserved for the weekend, IZIGETAWAY was held from Monday to Wednesday, 16 to 18 April 2018, kicking off the week on a refreshing note.

Greeted by the bright Bali sun, we touched down at Ngurah Rai airport and made our way straight to Alila Seminyak Beach Resort. Situated at the quieter end of Bali’s infamous rows of beaches, Seminyak has evolved into one of the island’s well-kept unique destinations. Immediately, we were greeted by an uninterrupted view of the Indian Ocean, breathtakingly beautiful all the way from the lobby to each of our cozy room where settling in was made easy due to the ever-courteous Alila Leisure Concierge team.





The sun soon sets, then it was dinner time at the Seasalt Restaurant. Aptly named so since their dishes are constructed to highlight the use of sea salt as part of the seasoning, staying true to their approach of using organic ingredients only. Diners were treated to a surprise namely the Seasalt Ritual, comprises of a block of rock sea salt concealing a nori-covered slice of fish, a delightful appetizer to a mouth-watering meal in which Tarra Budiman and Gya P Sadiqah, also Jenahara Nasution excitedly captured in their vlog. 

The night was still young, and what better way to spend it than karaoke-ing? We upped the excitement once more by combining it with a ride around the city. Soon, some of our guests were happily Car-aoke-ing while riding around town, on their first night in Bali. Libra Akila and Adrian Khalif were having a 90s Indonesia nostalgia with Inikah Cinta, while Abdul Adul and Nadine Emmanuella sang Rock With You, a dance anthem by the King of Pop.





Rising as early as the dawn on the next day, Ykha Amelz and Tara Amelz were eager to start our Tuesday by scenic cycling. Going around the paddy field and up and down the hills, soon it was breakfast time, served with a view. Yet, a Bali experience is not Bali enough without a slice of cultural knowledge, and Sonia Eryka, Mateusz Jarząbek, and Jenahara Nasution got to experience just that by learning how to make Canang Sari, a daily offering made by Balinese Hindu to thank the Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa.





As the day turns into night, our Sunset Soiree soon was kicked into high gear. Marking the official launch of IZIPIZI in Indonesia, it brings with them the season of Rock Garden, aka Spring/Summer 2018. Featured were the new colors of Slate Blue, Rose Granit, and White Clay, also new shapes of the foldable #F and rounded iconic #G. Mingling and dancing to the beats played by DJ Archie, everyone got to try out the new sunglasses and take pictures to their heart’s content as the sun was setting. The soiree did not end there, however, and soon we were treated to a dinner party at the Alila Seminyak Penthouse. The memorable setting makes for a memorable experience, and the feast capped the night off on a delicious note.

Wednesday usually marks the dull middle of the week, yet to us, it was the end of the IZIGETAWAY on a high note. After another cycling session in the morning, it was time for our last lunch at Seasalt Seminyak. Reluctantly, we bid farewell to Alila Seminyak and Bali, feeling refreshed and inspired to take on the rest of the week.