Sir Dandy’s Imitation of Life

What : Imitation of Life – Sir Dandy

Where : Art & Science, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta

When : 2nd February 2018 – 2nd April 2018

Widely known for his works in music, Sir Dandy Harrington realizes that he is not merely a musician. Beyond his eccentric appearance, lies the soul of a restless artist. His works as a musician always represent honesty. He succeeds in transforming helpless situation of the capital into easy-listening music which instantly became famous without having to scream loudly. These characteristics persist stubbornly in his artworks, which are exhibited in Imitation of Life exhibition that is held at the lifestyle retail store Art & Science, Grand Indonesia, from 2nd February 2018 to 2nd April 2018.

Imitation of Life combines the story of Little Red Riding Hood with Sir Dandy’s interpretation of his everyday life. He tries to break the storyline of the classic and create something more related to today’s circumstances. As a result, a wide range of novel, fresh, and peculiar paintings and screen-print illustrations  can be enjoyed in this solo art exhibition.

Sir Dandy spent most of his time in production to observe. “When starting a new work, I’d observe the story and read a lot about the scenes that I want to illustrate.” He wants to produce artworks with messages that can be understood easily by those who come to his exhibition. Artworks that are identical to his easy-listening music.

Imitation of Life, which is on view for two months, not only offers paintings and illustrations to be enjoyed. For the first time in his career, Sir Dandy marries his illustrations with a local ready-to-wear fashion brand, Tenue de Attire. An array of apparels will be available for those who wants to keep Sir Dandy artwork for themselves and wear them wherever they go.

Artworks: Courtesy of Sir Dandy

Photographs: Bisma Putra