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Established in 2017, In Alphabetical Order is a lifestyle retail and distribution company that provides alternative solutions for your everyday lifestyle needs. We provide good products from lifestyle brands known for their good design, good quality, original stories, and accessible price point. We are primarily engaging with an audience of new-generation customers who appreciate good design and quality and also care about the stories behind the products they consume.

We are the official and exclusive distributor of the French ready-to-wear eyewear label IZIPIZI in Indonesia. Previously known as See Concept, IZIPIZI glasses are known for their innovative and colorful designs aimed at everyone of all ages. The range of IZIPIZI products include READING, SCREEN, SUN, and YOUTH Glasses, which are equipped with cutting-edge lenses to protect our eyes. The SCREEN range features lenses that filter 40% of harmful blue light emitted by computer, mobile, and television screens. Meanwhile, the SUN range boasts 100% UV protection lenses with a variety of purposes, from polarized lenses on SUN Nautic glasses for outdoor water sports to Category 4 lenses on SUN Glacier glasses for ski and snow-mountain climbing.

IZIPIZI is distributed through leading department stores and concept stores in a number of Indonesian cities, including Jakarta, Bandung, and Bali.

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